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Dear Partner!


We offer very attractive internet based cost cutting communication solutions.

The telecommunication and the economical market are continously changing. The web-telefon was estabilished in 2008 as a reliable telecomunication company which is focusing to the companies and private sector needs. Our main goal: together with our client's needs finding the best internet based cost efficient and cost cutting communication or calling solutions.

Features :

- Customer's satisfaction
- Reliability
- Cost cutting
- Attractive prices


Our company with its path-finder work has a dominant place on the national and international telecommunication market. We have close contact with a lots of leading manufacturer, and service provider in Hungary and worldwide as well. if you would like to to decrease your annoying high communication costs, our efficient and reliable internet based cost cutting solutions could be a very attractive choice for your office or family as well.

We offer many attractive and reliable cost cutting solutions starting from the easiest and cheapest software based technology for your small -large office or youl call center up to the most integrated office environment with any national or international branch offices as well.

We are not a voip provider! We don't offer our calling rates. Closed contact with you and your needs we are

collecting and realising the most efficient personalised solution for your office and home as well.

Company information :
Tátrai és Társa Műszaki Szolgáltató Bt.
1045 Budapest, Erzsébet u.37. Hungary

General Manager: Tátrai Zsolt

Company registration number: 01-06-310303
Statistic number: 28422066-7490-212-01
Tax number: 28422066-2-41

Phone : +36(1)55-00-380

Bank account number: (K&H): 10200830-32377323-00000000
Bank account number:(MKB): 10300002-10553546-49020017