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Internet Telefon Megoldások

Even FREE or highly cheap calls without limitations? Olcsó Telefonálás YES!

Our calling habbits are different but one thing is the same: we all would like to cut cost. It doesn't matter friends, relatives or eather our office environmet worldwide.

Quality of Services Policy :

Our mission , is to offer for your company the highest quality and to take part in the cost cutting process. We are able to find the best cost efficient and professional providers for your company and we can personalise its services to your needs.

To secure the reliability and high Quality Of our Services it is a suggested contract based monthly fee which is a part of our solutions. The most important in our whole prices is your cost cutting solution.

We would like to work together with your company in a satisfied and developing environment. In long time we are focusing on the reliable and cost efficient technologies, communication solutions and naturally on the clear communication as well.


Our goal is the same: to decrease annoying high calling costs.

I would like to get closer for everyone the internet based highly efficient calling possibilities.

Web-telefon is the best solution for you!